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Bringing information to life for your business. Good business is built on understanding. In every business today, there's a series of imperatives at work. All businesses must grow, they need to operate as efficiently as possible, and they have to make the best use of information and technology if they are to stay competitive within their markets.

K.C. Firiakis represents a range of services based on our understanding of business needs and designed to address them directly. From process optimization to change management and project management, we're dedicated to bringing information to life for your business.

We focus on delivering quantifiable results for our customers, based on a well-tested methodology and solid experience. But of course, this only works because of our close involvement with your business, taking time to understand your priorities, applying our expertise and transferring skills within your own organisation.

Through our experience, we at K.C. Firiakis can guarantee that your company will receive the support it needs to systematize your processes, fuel growth and guide you to the path of success.

Our firm’s main mission is to provide to each of our clients an effective approach on their case in order to achieve and protect their interests.

What we do


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT We can make your business better! We have the ideas, expertise and initiatives to help you increase your revenues and profitability and expand your business, by building strategic partnerships, and making strategic business decisions. Let us help you to have the right fit! - Sales - Strategic Initiatives or Partnerships - Project Management/Business Planning - Product Management - Negotiations, Networking and Lobbying - Cost optimisation

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES The mission of this department is to plan, develop, implement, manage and maintain the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems which modernize the functioning of an organisation with a goal to: - Improve the services offered - Increase the productivity and efficiency - Decrease the functioning costs - Save time and resources Again we can provide contract and permanent IT professionals in all roles throughout the IT Function.

SERVICE MONITORING Service Monitoring and Control (SMC) is the real time observation of and alerting about health conditions (characteristics that indicate success or failure) in an IT environment. It helps to ensure that deployed services are operated, maintained, and supported in line with the service level agreement (SLA) targets agreed to between the business and IT. The goals of service monitoring and control include the following: - Observe the health of IT services; - Take remedial actions that minimize the impact of service incidents and system events; - Understand the infrastructure components responsible for the delivery of services; - Provide data on component or service trends that can be used to optimize the performance of IT services;



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Phone: (+357) 25 253395

Kallipoleos 15, Amaral 30, 

4th floor, Flat/Office 402,

1055, Nicosia, Cyprus

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